Terms of Service

Draftmypapers endeavors to provide high quality service to its clients. Spare some of your time to read the following conditions and terms for fostering a healthy relationship with us.

General Overview

1.1 The following provisions which are defined in this page are regulations and rules that indicate any particular regulatory protocols and restrictions, which need to be followed and to get under compliance during the period of such needed project between the prospect and Draftmypapers, under acknowledgment and consent at times.
Hence, conforming to the discussed service terms is mandatory.
1.2 The terms “us”, “our”, “we” or “(company name)” refer to the URL of the site and its owners/founders.
1.3 The terms “prospect”, “you” or “client” indicates the one availing our services through any means.

Turnaround Time Policy and Work Procedure

2.1 We work during weekdays. It means that weekends and public days are excluded.
2.2 We require a minimum of 2-4 days for a small number of projects and maximum 6-7 days for big projects. For a low turnaround time, you must be in coordination with us.
2.3 Every order gets assigned to our expert and best writers for ensuring quality work.
2.4 It is passed on to our editing team, as the writer has completed the order.
2.5 The paper is not forwarded if there is lack of quality. Editors give revisions to writers for meeting compliance and polishing quality.
2.6 Prospects should contact us for large projects.
2.7 We put considerable efforts in accommodating the majority of the projects
2.8 TAT is reliant on your approval. We provide half work (initial drafts) to analyze regarding directions specifically in our big projects. If approval is not promptly given, then work can be delayed.
2.9 We recommend you to comply with our standard process and procedure as rushing through the process may affect quality.

100% Original and Unique Content

3.1 (company name) provides a guarantee of original content. We possess an effective research process for drafting the content. After performing a detailed research, we focus on brainstorming concepts and generate a quality piece.
3.2 For assuring premium search on every page, we assure using Copyscape for 100% unique copy.
3.3 We are unable to tolerate any type of plagiarized work from our writers, as our policy regarding plagiarism is strict.
3.4 If your piece involves technical, legal or standard terminologies, or on precise sequence, then the plagiarism tends to be unavoidable. We communicate in certain cases for avoiding copyright problems.
3.5 We provide proofs of Copyscape whenever required.
3.6 If you need us to check your content for plagiarism including content-watch, then please consider that it is not included in our standard prices.


4.1 The rights tend to be transferred to you after the completion of the work
4.2 We would not request you to publish your piece or resell your content.

Free Revisions

5.1 Creative/content writing tends to be subjective and hence we understand that it can take time for getting down to your style. We assure revising your work for free around 2 to 3 times after 2 weeks of the order delivery.
5.2 Free revisions cannot be allowed if your order is manually recorded or approved in our system.
5.3 Minimum of two days would be needed for free revisions.
Paid Revisions
5.4 Data or information which was not given originally by you would fall under the category of paid revision. If the revision is because of additional information or misinformation, we would not be able to do the revision for free.
5.5 If you request the revision after a period of 14 days, then it will charge you additional payment.
5.6 A minimum of 15% of the revision fees should be paid prior to working on the revision.
5.7 The fees of revision do not include any word count (additional).

Refund and Cancellations Policy

6.1 We will provide you refund if you request for it and cancel the order before it is started. Whereas, you must know that some of the charges of the transaction may get deducted.
6.2 If you are not satisfied with the work, you must inform us so that we will revise your work. You should provide us with feedback so we can meet the requirements of your revision.
6.3 If we cannot live up to your expectations even after doing revisions several times, then account credit would be provided to you case-by-case.

Deposit Policy

7.1 Refunds cannot be provided for deposits which tend to be placed on the account. They are expired within a period of 2 months (60 days).

Satisfaction Guarantee

8.1 Provision of high quality work is our top-most priority as seasoned and professional copywriting agency. We make sure that our core values are upheld.
8.2 We ensure that 100% unique content is delivered to you in order to meet your requirements.

Ownership of Fulfilment and Legal Rights

  • Upon order completion, the legal rights would be transferred to the customer as official owner.
  • The right to ownership would be granted, if and only complete dues/payment are paid.
  • The right to ownership would be granted if the element of customer satisfaction is achieved and no additional revisions, changes or modifications are required.