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Non-Disclosure Agreement

Every customer must acknowledge, sign and comply with the contractual agreement at the time of submitting specifications and details related to the project.

Being a professional ghost-writing service company, we assure that the rights of our clients are protected under the NDA contract. We further enforce the limitations from sharing credit card information, bank details, personal data and other details to any 3rd party.

The right to privacy and confidentiality would be considered as a top priority during the period of particular dealings.

The personal data and personal details of all clients will be confidential at all the times and will not be subjected to sharing, unless it is directed by the clientele.

Acceptance to Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

You should highlight your acceptance if you use our website. You cannot agree to the conditions, then we would request to not use it.
Any party or entity revealed to be violating against privacy policies and terms of use, will be subjected to penalization for (website name) leading to penalty fees, legal prosecution or restrictions’ place granted by us.